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Billz offers a range of services including point of sale, inventory management, customer relationship management, analytics, e-commerce, and financial tools. Billz operates in 6 countries, with more than 1300 brands connected to the platform
Point Of Sale
Mohirdev is an online educational platform in Uzbekistan offering a variety of courses related to programming and IT skills. It features courses in areas such as data science, artificial intelligence, full stack development, cybersecurity, project management, and more.
Didox is a business platform that facilitates organizational interaction. It streamlines procurement, boosts sales, oversees financial operations, and enhances document management. This platform is designed for efficiency and effective inter-organizational collaboration, offering tools for better operational control and smoother workflow processes.
DEPOZIT.UZ is a financial supermarket in Uzbekistan, offering a platform for comparing and choosing various banking products and services. It assists users in selecting the best options for deposits, car loans, microloans, mortgages, bank cards, and investment opportunities.
AllGood is a startup project with a marketplace FBO (Fulfillment by Operator) and halal payment services, with the ability to deliver more than 210,000 products: including clothes, smartphones, electronics, children's products, cosmetics to the customer within 1 day.
Sello integrates a marketplace, logistics, and payment services, offering a convenient shopping experience with competitive pricing and quality guarantees. Its focus is on customer satisfaction, providing easy and fast purchasing, including installment options, with efficient delivery and flexible payment systems.
YOTO provides an electric scooter rental service in Uzbekistan, focusing on easy access via an app and compliance with safety regulations. It's an eco-friendly solution for urban mobility, enhancing city travel with convenient scooter availability.
The Mind offers streamlined business document management solutions. It's designed for businesses looking to enhance efficiency in handling and organizing their documents. The platform focuses on simplifying document workflows.
Cradle is an AI-driven analytics and video monitoring ecosystem serving multiple sectors such as retail, banking, and healthcare. The company's goal is to optimize various operational aspects for businesses, including logistics and customer service, by leveraging advanced technology.
ZYPL.AI is a generative AI firm that provides advanced credit scoring models using synthetic data to improve financial institutions' credit decisioning processes. Based in Dubai, the company offers the zypl.score software to assist in underwriting loans, especially for those with limited credit histories, serving financial clients across multiple global markets.
FinTech & A.I.
BILGI is an Uzbek educational marketplace providing a variety of courses with flexible, installment-based payment options, designed to connect students with educational opportunities.
GEOMOTIVE specializes in streamlined digital out-of-home advertising, offering tools like a Content Management System and Location Intelligence Platform. These solutions help businesses target and reach audiences effectively, optimizing advertising impact and goals.
KPI offers an integrated business management software suite covering Accounting, HR, Sales, Marketing, and more. It's designed for efficiency and growth, featuring automation, mobile functionality, and cloud-based solutions for diverse business needs.
Smart Business
Beautify is an online search engine specifically for finding beauty professionals. It simplifies the process of locating skilled beauty masters for various services, ensuring high-quality care and convenience for users.
JETT is an online platform in Uzbekistan for investing in stocks, offering tools for trading and analytics through the Multicard app. It focuses on the Tashkent Stock Exchange, ensuring secure transactions and reliable stock options.
Cargon offers a streamlined freight forwarding and logistics service, featuring an easy-to-use platform for booking, tracking, and managing shipments. It's designed for both individuals and businesses, focusing on reliable and customer-centric shipping solutions.
Mohirlar connects its Mohirdev-trained tech freelancers with global companies. The platform specializes in outstaffing and outsourcing, offering skilled developers for various projects while promoting continuous professional growth for freelancers.
CerebraAI utilizes Generative AI to enhance Non-Contrast CT scans for emergency medicine, focusing on accessible hypodense brain tissue detection. The platform is recognized for integrating medical innovation with AI, serving over 500 physicians and 46 hospitals, and impacting patient care in community hospitals.
MedTech & AI
Smart Cast offers a cloud-based content management system for easy media broadcasting and device management. It's ideal for businesses aiming for efficient, centralized advertising and communication solutions.
Pro-Tok is a startup addressing the lack of EV charging infrastructure across the Republic. They manufacture charging stations, offer technical services, and have a mobile app. Their focus is on meeting the high demand for charging stations, particularly for residents of multi-story buildings, and contributing to the development of EV infrastructure.
GoDays is a revolutionary AI-powered tool designed to elevate employee well-being, boost productivity.
With a mission to transform workplaces for the better, GoDays addresses the critical challenge of employee burnout while fostering a culture of growth and success.
PointAI creates software for customer support teams that helps them transform their customer service operations. PointAI's co-pilot manages a wide range of support tickets, including complex tasks and interactions with external services, enabling true automation. This leads to faster response times, improved accuracy, and greater efficiency in handling customer inquiries.
Artificial Intelligence
Push30 is a unique platform that provides unlimited access to more than 250 sports centers in Azerbaijan and 100 sports centers in Tashkent, including gyms, swimming pools, Pilates, yoga and other sports.
Zip24 provides flexible SaaS solutions, which includes Shipox (Delivery Management System) & Storfox (Warehouse Management System) designed to empower 3PLs, merchants and other cargo operators, enabling them to stay fully concentrated on their core business operations.
Supply Chain
Delever is an innovative platform that enables businesses to expand direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales channels and automate delivery and order management processes.
Supply Chain
We provide extensive support to startups, ranging from initial funding to technical and market integration, helping them scale both domestically and internationally. Our focus spans various sectors, offering a broad spectrum of opportunities for growth and innovation.
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