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AloqaVentures invested in a new startup - Delever

AloqaVentures invested in a new startup - Delever

Delever is an innovative platform that enables businesses to expand direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales channels and automate delivery and order management processes.
Delever offers businesses numerous opportunities for growth and efficiency:

• Online Ordering: Direct sales through a website, mobile app, and Telegram bot, utilizing customer data.

• Social Media Ordering: Instant and seamless orders through social networks.

• QR Menu: Increase venue revenue with convenient QR Menus for ordering and payment.

• Delivery Services: Delegate delivery to third-party services.

• Self-Service Kiosks: Reduce personnel costs and minimize errors.

• Courier App: Optimize routes and increase productivity.

• Integration with Aggregators: Directly send orders to the kitchen from Yandex Eats, Wolt, Express 24, Uzum Tezkor.

• Integration with Payment Systems: Instant payments through UZCARD payment system, HUMO, Click,, Uzum, Payzee,, Epay.

• Integration with POS Systems: Orders are automatically sent to the kitchen, speeding up the process and reducing preparation time. Menu management, stop-lists, and order statuses are supported in IIKO, JOWI, Poster, r_keeper.
We are always looking for projects that offer innovative solutions with the potential to change the market.